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Mongo DB


Introduction, Installing MongoDB, current SQL/NoSQL landscape, CRUD Operations, Creating documents(insert(), update(), save()), Querying documents(find()), Query operators, Building complex queries, Updating & Deleting documents, Mongoose, Word on ORM/ODM, Working with Models, Optimizing query, hooks, Validation of model data, Custom static methods, Creating custom instance methods


Introduction & Setup, Installing express, First App with express, routes, Express middleware, Route Methods & Paths, Express Router, Middleware, Bodyparser, cookie parser, session management, Template Engines, EJS, Jade, Handlebars, Expressjs security, Authentication, JWT, Securing routes, Scaling NodeJS applications, Child process model, exec, spawn, and fork functions,Cluster module


Introduction, Single-Page-Apps (SPA), Fitment of Angular JS, Angular Expressions, Controllers, Root Scope, Inbuilt & Writing custom filters, Dependency injection, Inbuilt Directives, Events and event propagation, Modules, Components, expressions & ng-model, interpolations, @Input, @Output & Eventemitters, SPA using Routing, Validation using Angular forms, HashLocation strategy


Introduction, Modules & Events, Handling Exceptions, Pipe, Duplex steam, Express Framework, Handling HTTP Routes, Web requests, Building web server, Web sockets requirements, Creating views and forms, Unit Testing, Decouple Code, Writing tests, Super tests, Database & sessions, Building database connection, Database queries and schemas, Authentication, Scaling Node application,Cluster module

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