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Introduction to Android, Android Architecture Overview, Setup of Android Development Environment, Your Android Application, Your First Android Application, Publishing to the Play Store, Activities, Android Testing, Fragments, User Interfaces, Advanced UI, Android Material Design, Resources, Broadcast Receivers, Background Services, Intents, Storing and Retrieving Data, SQLite Database, Native Content Providers, Custom Content Providers, Web Services, Parsing, Parsers, Location Based Services, Integrating Google Maps, Telephony, Multimedia in Android, Bluetooth, Social Networking Integrations, Debugging and Testing Android Apps

iOS Training Course

Introduction to iOS Development, Objective-C: Basic Data Types and Object Creation, Objective-C: Common Foundation Classes, Objective-C: Custom Classes, Memory Management Concepts (ARC and Non ARC) Sample iOS Basics, Categories and Protocols, Connections and Flow, Common Controllers, iPad Layouts, Views, Autolayout, Handling User Input, Localization, Notifications: Local and Push notifications, Size classes Usage, Camera , Bluetooth wifi related samples Media Frameworks : Audio and Video Sample app Paypal integration and push notifications XCTestCases -iOS TDD, Instruments, Device Provisioning & Distribution

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