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Responsive UI/UX Web Designing Live Course

HTML & XHTML (Extensible Hyper Text Markup Language)
  • Difference between HTML and XHTML.
  • Why XHTML? not HTML.
  • Understanding DOCTYPE.
  • Understanding basic XHTML tags
  • General form of a tag.
  • HTML attributes.
  • Basic text styling.
  • HTML Heading.
  • HTML Paragraph.
  • HTML fonts.
  • HTML colour codes.
  • Hexadecimal colour coding.
  • Working with table.
  • Adding image to webpage.
  • Working with Anchor, Image and Iframe tag.
  • Working with HTML forms.
  • Basic layout design using tables.
  • Learning about the various deprecated tags in XHTML.
Adobe Dreamweaver
  • Introduction to Dreamweaver.
  • Understanding the 3 modes (Design, Split, and Code).
  • Coding and adding elements using Dreamweaver.
  • Basic Templates in Dreamweaver.
CSS2 (Cascading Style sheet)
  • Use of CSS.
  • Three types of CSS.
  • Basic CSS properties.
  • Basic text styling using CSS.
  • CSS Background Properties.
  • CSS box model.
  • Tag selector, Id selector, Class selector, Attribute selectors.
  • Grouping and Nesting of selectors.
  • Pseudo classes and Pseudo elements.
  • Working with DIV tags.
  • Understanding DIV alignment, float and clear properties.
  • Understanding CSS positions.
  • Layout and template design (Building Table less websites).
  • Creating Simple drop down menus.
  • Fixing the compatibility issues is Various Browsers.
  • Use of JavaScript.
  • JavaScript Popup boxes.
  • JavaScript Events.
  • Events handling.
  • Manipulating DOM with JavaScript.
  • JavaScript Operators.
  • Control Structure.
  • Writing functions.
  • Tag and ID selector.
  • JavaScript Objects.
  • Making Light box with JavaScript.
  • Making an image viewer with JavaScript
  • Working with arrays.
  • JavaScript Timers.
  • Making JavaScript Image Slide Show
  • JavaScript Date and Time Functions.
  • JavaScript form validations using Regular Expression.
  • Application of JavaScript.
  • JQuery syntax.
  • JQuery selectors.
  • Creating, inserting, and manipulating web page content.
  • JQuery predefined functions.
  • Understanding JQuery plugins.
  • Using event ready handlers that work across browsers.
  • Working with JQuery effects, such as showing, hiding, sliding and fading page elements.
  • JQuery callback functions.
  • Creating custom animations with specialized properties and options.
  • JQuery events.
  • Understanding Elements Hierarchy.
  • Using the JQuery UI plug-in to give pages a polished look.
  • Developing JQuery applications and Plugins (like Facebook and Twitter).
  • Making JQuery sliding menus.
  • Making JQuery lightbox.
  • Making JQuery image slider.
  • Making JQuery image slideshow.
  • Making jQuery Image Carousel.
  • Making JQuery Image Zoom viewer.
  • Making JQuery Collapsable Menu.
  • Understanding CSS3.
  • Using CSS3 advance Tag and Attributes selectors.
  • Clearfix with CSS3.
  • CSS3 Rounded Coners.
  • CSS3 Box shadow properties.
  • CSS3 Text Shadow properties.
  • CSS3 Background Gradients.
  • Making beautiful buttons using CSS3.
  • CSS3 Transformations Properties.
  • CSS3 Rotate , Translate, Skew, Scale properties.
  • CSS3 transitions.
  • CSS3 transitions delays.
  • CSS3 transition functions.
  • CSS3 keyframes.
  • Creating animations Using Keyframes
  • Animating webpages using CSS3.
  • Mixing CSS3 and JQuery animations to create advance plugins.
  • CSS3 Image slideshow.
  • CSS3 Media Queries.
  • Understanding Responsive Layouts.
  • Making Basic Responsive Layout in CSS3 Media Query.
  • Making Advance Website Template in CSS3 Media Query.
  • What is HTML5?
  • How is HTML5 different from XHTML.
  • Drawbacks of XHTML.
  • HTML5 future uses.
  • Understanding HTML5 doctype.
  • HTML5 Basic tags.
  • HTML5 Advance Tags.
  • Replacing XHTML Divs with HTML5 advance tags.
  • Making a website template using HTML5.
  • Fixing HTML5 compatibility issues in different browsers.
  • Making HTML5 compatible in IE-8 and lesser using HTML5 SHIV.
  • HTML5 custom data attributes.
  • Holding custom data in HTML5 data attributes.
  • Working with HTML5 data attributes and jQuery.
  • Understanding HTML5 Canvas.
  • Working with HTML5 Canvas using JavaScript and jQuery.
  • Drawing runtime graphics and Animations using HTML5 Canvas.
  • Playing with HTML5 canvas animations and characters using JavaScript and jQuery.
Twitter Bootstrap 3 Framework
  • Downloading and Installing Bootstrap 3 framework.
  • Understanding various Components of Bootstrap Framework.
  • Working with Bootstrap Components
    • Navbar
    • Menu
    • Buttons
    • Jumbotron
    • Input groups
    • Buttons
    • Page Header
    • Page Footer
    • Forms
    • Panels
  • Making jQuery Slider in Bootstrap 3.
  • Making Responsive GRID layout using Bootstrap GRID.
  • Making a final Website Layout.
Website Hosting
  • Webhosting basics.
  • Hosting packages.
  • File Manager.
  • Creating Email accounts.
  • Using FTP client.
  • Working with FileZilla.
  • Making your website LIVE.
Understanding Compatibility issues
  • Issues with different browser versions.
  • Issues with CSS.
  • Testing a website in different browsers.
SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Understanding SEO and its scope.
  • Difference between On page and Off page SEO.
  • Understanding Google Search Engine.
  • Meta Description and Keywords.
  • Enhancing SEO of your website.
Tools and IDE used
  • Notepad++
  • Dreamweaver
  • Adobe Photoshop.
  • Introduction to Adobe Photoshop
  • Types of tools.
  • Using Photoshop tools.
  • Understanding Layers in Photoshop.
  • Image gradient with Photoshop.
  • Creating Custom effects.
  • Merging two images in Photoshop.
  • Removing and Changing backgrounds of Images.
  • Making transparent backgrounds.
  • Changing colour of images.
  • Compressing images for use in websites.
  • Image opacity.
  • Creating animated banners (gif images).
  • Developing Banners and Headers for websites.
  • PSD to HTML Conversion
    • Understanding a PSD file.
    • Using Slice Tool to get various website images.
    • Converting a full PSD to HTML Website.
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Please find the Web Designing Live Course Duration

Course Module Course Duration
Responsive UI/UX Web Designing Live Course 40 – 45 Hours




What are the best web design courses?

There are numerous web design courses available, which one can choose and lead a career. These courses vary from platform, competitiveness and difficulty, but all follows the same objective. SLA Consultants offers best web design courses such as Angular JS, Node JS, Photoshop, Java, PHP, Cake PHP, PHP Zend, Laravel 5 and MySQL, which are considered the most sought after and demanding web design courses due to their flexibility and easiness to develop web pages and web applications in a matter of time. If you have completed your computer education and willing to become a web developer, then you can opt one of these courses.

Can a non-technical graduate student is eligible for web designing course?
What should I know if I want to learn web designing?

Basic computer knowledge is a must to learn web designing, although, some programming knowledge would be highly appreciated. There are many institutes that asks for some more qualifications if someone wants to join their web designing course, but with SLA Consultants India, all you need is a graduation degree in any stream and a passion to learn web designing. Still, if you have good knowledge of computer, photoshop and programming languages, then it would take less time for you to get familiar with the concept of web designing. Other skills that you may want to look into yourself are understanding skills, organizing skills and communication skills.

Graphic design Vs. Web Design? Which career is right for you?

Choosing a right career in designing totally depends on your taste, interest and knowledge. If you think you are good in drawing and better analysing skills, then you should pursue a career in graphic design, however, if you possess programming skills and good understanding of computer and applications, then web design would be the better option to follow. There are times when a student doesn’t have any idea about their skills and interest. In that case, attending our Web Designing course can help you find out your career choice. In our web designing course, we also tend to teach the students on various graphic design tools such as Photoshop, CSS, HTML, etc., which can help them discover their right career path.

Which institute is best for training in web designing courses in Delhi?

There are various self proclaimed institutes in Delhi who claims that they offer the best Web Designing training, but do not go for their words. Other recognized institutes demand huge fees and offer brilliant classrooms, but lacks the teachers with experience and knowledge. SLA Consultants India, on the other hand, possess the most admired and highly experienced trainers who teach the students with specially designed and latest study materials and updated tools, giving you a competitive edge over others. We offer all the latest and vastly utilised web designing courses at a very reasonable price to the students in Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida.

How do I make a good and creative web design?

Designing a good and creative web design is quite easy, although it all depends on the requirements of the client. However, if you have the knowledge and expertise, you can use various Web Designing tools such as PHP Zend, Laravel 5, Cake PHP, Angular Js, etc., which are very effective tools in developing a creative web design. You can join any of our web designing courses where our trained and professional instructors will teach you how to understand the requirements of the clients and how to develop a magnificent and creative web design using different tools. They will also assist you bringing out your creativity and make it more professional to catch the eyes of the clients.

What is the scope of graphic designing with web designing course?

Web Designing is one of the most demanding and greatly appreciated job profiles in the current market due to the increasing importance of websites and web based applications. But this demand is further increased when you learn graphic design along with web designing course. Organisations these days tend to hire a professional web designer with skills of graphic designing as well in order to save both money and time. SLA Consultants India understand this well and thus offers the most reliable and job oriented Web Designing course which includes graphic designing elements and concepts such as Adode Photoshop, HTML and CS, which gives you a fair amount of idea on graphic designing.

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