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Tableau Practical Training

  • Overview Of Tableau
  • Tableau Architecture
  • Installation And Configuration Of Tableau 10
  • Managing Metadata
  • Managing Extracts
  • Data Sources
  • Cross-Database Joins
  • Data Aggregation And Data Ports
  • Tableau Charts
  • Bar Charts and Stacked Bars Data Blending
  • Tree Maps and Scatter Plots
  • Individual Axes, Blended Axes, Dual Axes and Combinational Chart
  • Drill Down and Hierarchies
  • Sorting, Filtering and Grouping
  • Parameters and Formatting
  • Trend and Reference Lines
  • Forecasting and Clustering
  • Analysis with Cubes and MDX
  • Connecting Tableau to Data File
  • Navigating Tableau
  • Calculated Fields
  • Adding Colors, Labels and Formatting
  • Data Extracts and Time Series
  • Understanding Granularity, Aggregation and Level Of Details
  • Default Location in Maps
  • Custom Geo Coding
  • Symbol Map and Filled Map
  • Into Section
  • Joining Data In Tableau
  • Working With Maps and Hierarchies
  • Scatter Plot and Applying Filters in Different Sheets
  • Creating First Dashboard
  • Duplicate Values
  • Multiple Fields
  • Data Blending
  • Dual Axis Chart
  • Building Calculated Fields
  • Downloading Data set and Connection
  • Mapping
  • Building Table Calculation for Gender
  • Bins and Distributions for Age
  • Tree Map Chart
  • Advanced Dashboard
  • Storyline and Storytelling
  • Data Format
  • Data Interpreter
  • Multiple Columns And Pivot
  • Metadata Grid
  • Advanced Data Preparation

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Please find the Tableau Training Course Duration and Fee Details.
Course Module Course Duration
Tableau 30 – 40 Hours
Note: Service Tax Applicable on all Course Module




What is Data Visualization?
Differentiate between parameters and filters in Tableau.
What are Quick Filters in Tableau?
What are the differences between Tableau desktop and Tableau Server?
What are fact table and Dimension table in Tableau?
What is aggregation and disaggregation of data in Tableau?

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