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4 Best Ways to Reduce Skill Gap in IT Field in Indian Market

It would have been impossible some decades ago to believe that the world would enter into the digital age so soon. With the advancement in the technology which we can see every day, the world seems to have come a lot closer to where we can witness drastic changes in the business industry thanks to the information technology. In the current business industry, there are innumerable kinds of Technology have established that offers different kinds of solutions and benefits to the business. And most probably in upcoming years, we can also expect that new technologies will overcome the present ones offering more and more comfort and advantages to the business industry. As per this, it can be said that technology is the most integral part of the business industry and the hour of need today is the skilled workforce in different kinds of Technology you can keep up with the various innovations in the information technology. However, unfortunately, there is a huge gap between the skills required by the business organizations and their skills available in the market. There are numerous reasons behind this which include lack of institutions offering industry-specific skills along with the unawareness of the people regarding the latest technologies and its scope in the current business market.
There have been many studies which conclude that most of the graduates are not suitable for recruiting due to their lack of skills and abilities they possess which is irrelevant for the business. Another study claims that around 60% of the engineers in the Indian market remain unemployed. These research studies clearly show that there is a huge skill gap in the market which is not only providing issues to the business industry but also for the individuals who wants to have a better career in their future. And thus, it is necessary to eliminate this skill gap by providing the individuals with the necessary and potential skills which would result in the reduced rate of unemployment in the country. There are many ways which can be used to bridge the skill gap in India and many participants can indulge in the process to achieve a better industry which includes the government, the education system, they understand the society. However, below are provided some of the best ways through which individuals in India can reduce the skill gap in the IT industry.


1. Acquiring Advanced and Job-specific skills:

Having only a graduate degree will not be enough in this competitive market to acquire a decent career. One should consider acquiring job-specific skills in the industry which would not only benefit the individual but also the company. The fact is, today most of the universities follow the same old course curriculum which is outdated. It is important that the course curriculum and syllabus should be updated on a regular basis and made the latest requirements of the business industry. There are many online or classroom training platforms which can help an individual to acquire job-oriented skills as per their interest in the industry. Individuals can consider acquiring advanced IT skills by attending IT certification courses from reputed Top Training Institutes.


2. Undertaker Various Projects:

Theoretical knowledge is important, however, having practical exposure in the field can offer hands-on experience to the participant allowing them to gain specific skills that would help them build their career. By undertaken projects and assignments, one can have a better understanding of the working of different fields whether it is with Software Testing Training, PHP & Java Programming, Online/Digital Marketing Training, Human Resource(HR) Training, SAP Courses, etc. There are many IT training institutes who offer practical training and projects on Real world cases to help the participants get hands-on experience.


3. Internship Programs:

Probably one of the best way to diminish the skill gap in the IT business market, where the candidate can attend internship programs from various organizations to achieve a professional career in their relevant and preferred field. A good internship program helps the participant learn by doing and acquire a better knowledge of the functioning of their field. It provides the students with basic concepts related to any industry along with the job role and helps them to improve their professional skills. There are many IT training institutes that offer Summer Internship Programs where they will be working on various projects of real-world companies to get a better idea of the skills required.


4. Stay Updated with the Latest Trends:

Information technology is one field which is dynamic in nature where one can witness evolution and updates on a daily basis. In order to acquire promising IT skills in any field, it is important for an individual to stay up to date with the latest trends in the industry. One can also attend the training institute for their interesting course where they can find the most relevant and highly updated course content that would offer them the best possible knowledge on the latest trends in the industry along with after them certification that would help them secure a promising career.

These are some of the ways by which the gap between the skills required and the employment rate can be reduced. Today, most of the technical jobs are skill based and in order to develop the necessary skills, one should try to find a prominent and highly accredited training institute. SLA consultants India is considered as the most trustworthy and leading IT Training Institute in Delhi NCR who provide an extensive range of courses to the participant such as Software Testing, Digital Marketing, PHP Web Development, Java Programming, MIS and Data Analytics, SAP, and much more. They have been in the market for the last 10 years with over 85% success rate. They consist of the most experienced and qualified corporate trainers who provide appropriate guidance to the students to help them become a professional in no time. They also provide a valid certification to the participant upon completion of the training which helps them to build a resume and give them 100% Job Placement Support.

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