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Data Analysis using SPSS TRAINING @ Delhi & Gurgaon

Module 1.1 - Developing the familiarity with SPSS Processer
Module 1.2 - Working with descriptive statistics
Module 1.3 - Hypothesis Testing
Module 1.4 - Testing the differences between group means
Module 1.5 - Correlational Analysis
Module 1.6 - Regression
Module 1.7 - Non-parametric tests
Module 2.1 - General Linear Models (GLM 1 to 5)
Module 2.2 - Factor Analysis
Module 2.3 - Cluster Analysis
Module 2.4 - Profile Analysis
Module 2.5 - Discriminant Analysis
Module 2.6 - Survival Analysis
Module 2.7 - Neural network Analysis
Module 2.8 - Time Series Analysis

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Please find the course and fee details. Classes & Course can be designed/customize as per request

Course Fee :-

Course Module Course Duration
Module 1-2 65 – 70 Hours
Module 1 25 – 30 Hours
Module 2 35 – 40 Hours




What are the usual steps for data analysis in SPSS?

The usual steps for data analysis in SPSS depends on many factors such as quantity of data if data has been cleaned, type of data and what kind of answers you wish to derive from data analysis. This is because SPSS analyse data based on the assumptions and use cases and knowing about the types of variables, distribution etc. is necessary. After understanding these requirements, the basic data analysis steps using SPSS is identifying the data and ensuring the structure of the data. The next step involves data analysis and summarization method and at last, presenting with the final conclusion.

What is the best way to learn SPSS?

The best way to learn SPSS is by attending an SPSS data analysis training course from a reputed institute as it gives you the opportunity to learn from experts. At SLA Consultants India, we try to help the participants gain industry focused SPSS skills and expertise through our highly competitive and job oriented course material, taught by the finest of teachers with a vast amount of experience. We offer practical classes to utilize your learned SPSS skills and resolve all of your issues within a matter of weeks to ensure that you become a professional data analyst using SPSS tool and acquire a promising job opportunity.

How can I do quantitative analysis using SPSS?

Quantitative analysis using SPSS is a lengthy process, which must be learned in details from an experienced teacher. A brief procedure is given to help you understand the concept, however, we advise you to join our data analysis using SPSS training course to fully comprehend the procedure.

  • Manipulation and transformation of data
  • Computing a new variable and recoding the same variable
  • Recoding into different variable and selecting subset of cases
  • Aggregation of data
  • Creating time series
  • Sorting cases and merging files
  • Types of variables and analysis
  • Conclusion of data
How to start using SPSS as a beginner?

In order to use Statistical package for the social science (SPSS), you first need to learn all the necessary elements and concepts of the topic and get practical knowledge of using it. After acquiring the comprehension, you can begin learning video tutorials and taking free trials of the software to manually perform operations. There are many free online SPSS tutorials for beginners available which you can see and develop an understanding of how to use the tool. However, we recommend you to join our data analysis using the SPSS training course as we not only provide the theoretical knowledge but also offer practical sessions under expert supervision allowing the students to clear any of their doubts and queries right away.

How do I perform panel data analysis using SPSS?

Panel data analysis refers to the statistical method of analysing two-dimensional data which are collected over a period of time through the same individuals, firms or households to find out the versatility in data over time. You can perform panel data analysis using SPSS tool as generalized linear models and generalized linear mixed models for binomial data data are available in the latest version of SPSS. Although the process depends on the type of data you want to analyse and a number of variables present in it. This is a very complex procedure and watching a video tutorial or attending an SPSS course could give you a better idea to perform panel analysis.

What is SPSS, what are the features of spss?

SPSS stands for Statistical package for the social science, which is a software tool designed by SPSS Corporation and acquired by IBM for the purpose of data analysis and research. It has the tendency to analyse large amounts of data easily. Companies all over the world use SPSS for market research and data mining to make key decisions to help the company increase productivity and revenue. The features of SPSS include: graphical and tabular representation of data, user-friendly GUI, remarkable data management functions, easy setup and configuration, cost efficient, multidimensional scaling, cluster/factor/discriminant analysis, regression, and many other features. To learn more about SPSS and develop industry-focused SPSS skills, attend our data analysis using SPSS course.

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