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How many PHP Version in Market and Latest Version of PHP

Definition PHP:

PHP, which implies for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor, is well known open source HTML-embedded scripting language normally utilized from websites everywhere in the cyber world. The prime aim is to assist in the fast programming of interactive, energetically generated web pages.

The PHP code is normally embedded into a presentation web page through the usage of code delimiters in a similar manner as ASP, ASP.NET or Ruby. Unique JavaScript, which works within a browser, PHP code turns understand on the server, creating HTML that gets sent to the client browser to be delivered. The best thing about the language is easy to use for the fresher developers and still retaining a healthy list of innovative features for highly professional programmers to develop.

Here, check out the PHP Version Available in the Market:

1.0      8 June 1995            

2.0      1 November 1997             

3.0      6 June 1998 to 20 October 2000

4.0      22 May 2000 to 23 June 2001

4.1      10 December 2001 to 12 March 2002

4.2      22 April 2002 to 6 September 2002

4.3      27 December 2002  to 31 March 2005

4.4      11 July 2005  o 7 August 2008

5.0      13 July 2004 to 5 September 2005

5.1      24 November 2005 to 24 August 2006

5.2      2 November 2006 to 6 January 2011

5.3      30 June 2009 to 14 August 2014

5.4      1 March 2012 to 3 September 2015

5.5      20 June 2013 to 21 July 2016

5.6      28 August 2014 to 31 December 2018

7.0      3 December 2015 to 3 December 2018

7.1      1 December 2016  to 1 December 2019

6 PHP 7 is the latest version of the language with its prime enhancements being in the parts of object-based programming. Every version of PHP is updated than version 2 is presently supported and in fine use.

However, it is basically used for the programming of a website; PHP can also be utilized as a command-line scripting language appropriate for easy text processing job. It also can be used to create desktop applications with a graphical edge with the help of the PHP-GTK library addition, but this isn’t the finest use for PHP as compared to several special languages planned for GUI development.

A popular benefit associated with PHP is its impartiality towards various operating systems as well as web server software. It does jobs on different operating system platforms and assists the majority of them on recognized web servers which include Microsoft’s IIS and Apache. One more feature about PHP’s is ubiquitous database assistance which comprises both large proprietary techniques such as Oracle and open source choices such as MySQL.

The achievement of PHP is an outstanding account about the class of open source initiatives in a mainly proprietary software growth world. No doubt, the dynamic content could be something started from an easy GIF image to a completely personalized web page rich with specifications started from the basic HTML all the method to graphically related interactive Flash. There are several additional creative uses too, but it’d be almost unfeasible to name them all specified the amazing flexibility of PHP.

Specified the extensibility of the language it is hard to go into features of all the actions as there are surely thousands of them in survival that succeed the around 100 base actions. However, PHP share syntax with most widespread high-level languages which include blocks for ‘if’, ‘for’ and ‘while’ conditions loops.

As with C/C++ changeable names are case responsive and with little exceptions, variables should be declared beforehand of being utilized and specified in special type. The sorts of variables offered in PHP are astonishingly similar to those starts in C/C++ and Java.

Advanced versions of PHP are oriented to object simply as advanced versions of C/C++ are. Moreover, PHPs connection with the C programming language is extremely close now that it is achievable for developers to mark extensions in C to add extra action to the PHP language.

At last, incorporated event management isn’t limited just too restricted to predictable behavior. Started from the beginning, its inception is as a public project strong mistake management abilities which are the important mission. Who wishes an unforeseen affair to crash a complete site or even simply a perspective as e-commerce?

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