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7 important characteristics of SEO to look forward in 2017

When it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Google has always been the major search engine and the top priority of business organizations to target their SEO techniques. And why not, Google offers the best SEO tools that allow the companies to achieve higher rank on the search engine results. However, it wasn’t always easy to get the top spot on Google’s search results as it cleverly categories web pages using its PageRank formula that seems to assess the quantity and strength of the links associated with the webpage.

Google’s search results have always been accurate, allowing the user to visit the most relevant and most visited pages every single time. However, as the time goes by, probable rivals discovered ways to tackle the Google and make their way to the top search results through different means. Surely, everyone wants to appear among the top of Google’s search engine results pages (SERP), and with so much money on the line, using unethical means such as spinning of articles, link farming, auto generated links, etc. cannot be blamed. However, as soon as Google find out about this dishonesty, they acted accordingly and God forbid, strictly as well. They began using their infamous adjustments of algorithm and burned down the chances of scammers and spoofs ever acquiring their top spot.

However, this also made things difficult for poor honest users who now have to try to win the trust of the Google before using their Search Engine Optimization tools that would allow them to appear on the top SERPs. In this article, we will talk about SEO 2017 characteristics and how to gain the trust of Google in 2017 to help your website increase the number of visitors. And to gain the trust of Google, know this that there is a long, hard way ahead before you make your way to the top. Let’s learn about the crucial rules to dominate Google’s search results.

1. Try to earn the trust of Google: Well, the hardest part comes first. If you want to rank higher on search engine results, you need to state everything about your website to the Google. Don’t try to over smart those using different schemes and puzzles. They will know about it. So the best things you can do is work hard and produce quality and unique posts to catch the eyes of the Google. You may crawl into those results which no one even tries to visit, but you cannot expect anything better than that at the beginning. Although, as soon as you build the trust of Google, your ranking will constantly improve and you will appear on the first within no time, provided that you continue to offer similar posts as always.

2. Give importance to links over design: Understand this, no matter how good your website appears on front, it wouldn’t matter to Google unless it offers link consistency for years. This would allow your website to look healthy, load rapidly and will be easy to navigate. However, things won’t be the same if it lacks consistency. So make sure to care about the indexed age of your website and the content as Google prefers high quality and aged content linked to the website. And also ensure that you have been doing this regularly for months and even year. Google won’t trust you if you do that for a couple of months and then abandon the website for days.

3. Give priority to quality over quantity: When it comes to Search Engine Optimization, don’t try to perform something many times; instead, try to make it right a few times in 2017. Try not to complete the content deadline every single day; try to finish the quality content every single week. That will give you high ranking on search engine results on Google as it only prefer high quality content and ditch the poor content who only seeks visitors to deceit them in buying some products or services through any affiliate link or advertisement. Do not try article spinners, link generating software’s, etc. as it will only make you culprit on Google’s view. Focus on generating quality posts and Google will certainly give you thumps up.

4. Keep the content intact and long: Know this, if your content isn’t up to the mark, so will your search engine ranking. Google always gives priority to good content and it will continue to do so in 2017 as well. Everyone knows that the user mostly visit the first three results and emits the rest, thus making to the top three is what everyone wants. But you won’t certainly reach there unless your content is real, innovative and meaningful. So take your time to analyze research and write your content. Also, make sure your content is long enough to catch the eyes of the visitors. You may believe that short content is healthier for website’s higher ranking, but it is not true. Don’t expect to gain visitors by thin content. You won’t get away with mere 500-word articles. Even 1000-words articles won’t do much good if you want to compete in the biggest arena. Try 2000 words with right amount of keywords stuffing and informative content, not just babbling words, repeating the same thing over and over.

5. Make the right use of keywords: Building eye-catching SEO content in 2017 requires the better utilization of keywords that would be readable by humans and easily located by search engines. However, it is not easy as it seems. Many bloggers tend to overuse the keywords in their content trying to catch the eyes of Google, which ultimately destroy their rankings as per Google’s Penguin algorithm. And you certainly won’t that for you. Instead, you can try to use similar or relevant keywords other than the main keyword. This would interest the Google’s Hummingbird engine which uses LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords. Use 20-30 % main keyword while 70-80 % relevant keyword to make your content look more natural and organic.

6. Make your website mobile friendly: It is a known fact that today; people prefer mobile devices over laptops and desktops. And this won’t change a bit in 2017 as well. Instead, the number of mobile users will keep on growing and if your website doesn’t have a proper mobile design or isn’t responsive, then you might loss a large section of possible visitors. Having a mobile friendly design is the need for SEO in 2017 and if you wish to rank on top Google SERPs, then you better takes the step at once.

7. Quality link build-up: Certainly in SEO, linking of websites is one vital way of acquiring a larger traffic, but you also want to ensure that you don’t get linked to a poor quality website. It would only degrade the reputation of your website, no matter how many poor quality link you acquire. On the contrary, if you get linked to one high quality website, it would be much better than thousands of low quality links. It isn’t necessary to get links from leading websites as long as the link comes from an authorized domain with a big indexed age.

These are few of the characteristics of SEO in 2017, which you must follow to raise your SEO rankings and acquire a higher number of visitors over a period of time.

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