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PHP Version Release Date Lists

PHP Hypertext Preprocessor is an attendant side language utilized to create lively web applications. PHP is one of the toughest, well-known and easy to follow lively languages that can assist you to find the amazing results with less effort. Most of the web applications, build these days are dependent on PHP platform.

If you are interested in PHP development, you should the history of it. Here, you can check the release date lists from 1995 to till now! Here, have a look on the complete journey:

1.0    8 June 1995
Officially known as “Personal Home Page Tools”. For the first time, the word “PHP” was introduced.

2.0    1 November 1997
Officially known as “PHP/FI 2.0”. This is the first opening that could really know as PHP, being a separate language having special features that have endured to the current day.

3.0    6 June 1998 to 20 October 2000
After this, development moves from one individual to multiple developers. Andi Gutmans and Zeev Suraski have rewritten the basics of the version.

4.0    22 May 2000     to 23 June 2001
It is second stage tag-parsing system known as the Zend engine.

4.1    10 December 2001 to 12 March 2002
This version had set up “superglobals” ($_GET, $_POST, $_SESSION, etc.)[53]

4.2    22 April 2002 to 6 September 2002
Disabled record globals by defaulting. Data collected over the network is not inserted straight away into the worldwide namespace anymore, closing potential security holes in applications.

4.3    27 December 2002 to 31 March 2005
Started the command-line interface (CLI), to add the CGI.

4.4    11 July 2005 to 7 August 2008
Present a memory dishonesty bug, which necessary breaking double friendliness with extensions collected against PHP version 4.3.x.[55]

5.0    13 July 2004 to 5 September 2005
Here comes the Zend Engine II with an innovative object model.

5.1    24 November 2005 to 24 August 2006
The improvement of the performance with the introduction of compiler variables in re-engineered PHP Engine. Additional, PHP Data Objects (PDO) as a reliable edge for finding databases.

5.2    2 November 2006 to 6 January 2011
This version has enabled the filter expansion by default. Native JSON support.

5.3      30 June 2009 to 14 August 2014
It offers namespace assistance; late static bindings, closures, jump label (limited goto), PHP archives (phar), improved Windows support, sqlite3, garbage collection for circular references, MySQL and as a substitute for lab MySQL as fundamental library for the additions that perfectly work with MySQL, file info as a substitute for mime_magic for improved MIME support, the Global extension, and disapproval of ereg extension.

5.4      1 March 2012 to 3 September 2015
The support to trait support, short array syntax support is here. Additionally, the removed items are: register_globals, safe_mode, reference, allow_call_time_pass_session_register(), session_unregister and session_is_registered. Created web server. Different improvements to present specifications, features, performance and decreased memory needs.

20 June 2013 to 21 July 201620 June 2013 to 21 July 2016
Assistance for generators lastly blocks for exception management, OpCache (depend on Zend Optimizer+) bundled in executive distribution.

5.6      28 August 2014 to 31 December 2018
Stable scalar looks, variadic functions, fight unpacking, new exponentiation operative, extensions of the utilize statement for functions and steady, new Php Db G debugger as a SAPI unit, and additional smaller changes.

7.0      3 December 2015 to 3 December 2018
Zend Engine 3 for better performance and 64-bit integer assistance on Windows, uniform variable syntax, AST-depend compilation procedure, added Closure:: change Ment call, bitwise shift constancy across platforms?? Unicode codepoint escape sequence, (null coalesce) operator, return type declarations, scalar type (figure, string, float, and boolean) declarations, generator delegation, <=> “spaceship” three-way contrast operator, anonymous classes, simpler and more often offered CSChangementof different remaining internal PHP “errors” with the more contemporary exceptions, and shorthand syntax for importing numerous things direct from a namespace.

7.1    1 December 2016 to 1 December 2019
It is a simply a void return type, nullable types, class constant visibility modifiers, iterable pseudo-type, catching numerous exclusion kinds.

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