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Top Software Testing Tools You Must Know in 2018

Nowadays, there are a lot of Software Testing tools available in the market. From commercial tools to open source tools, you have a plethora of choices. Selection of one perfect software testing tool can be a daunting task. Selection should depend upon the requirement of your project. Common types of Software Testing tools are Test Management Tools, Functional Testing Tools, Load Testing Tools, Mobile Testing Tools, Security Testing Tools, API Testing Tools, Defect Tracking Tools and CSS Validator Tool. Before making any decision, you must know the features and benefits of using each latest software testing tool available in the market. You can search about the rating of the testing tool on the web or join some Software Testing Training Course to enhance your knowledge in Software Testing. In this discussion, we have highlighted some of the most popular Software Testing tools that can be beneficial for your projects.

  1. qTest – Test Management Tool:- qTest by QASymphony is a test management tool which helps to organize the end-to-end test cycle. qTest is a testing platform made for individuals practicing DevOps and Agile. This modern platform features browser-based UI easing out all testing tasks, from test management to automation and reporting. This testing tool also has real-time integrations with various development tools like Jira. It also allows hassle-free test automation scheduling.
  2. QTP – Automated Testing Tool:- Quick Test Professional is an automated testing tool used for the automation of the user actions on client-based computer app or web. This tool uses the scripting language to manipulate the controls and objects of the application. This testing tool allows a great platform for beginner testers to learn the detailed functioning of this tool in lesser time. Many training institutes include the QTP/UFT Training Course in their curriculum. This tool is quite easy to understand and helps to present test cases in the simplest workflow to the tester.
  3. Selenium – Automated Testing Tool:- Selenium is counted amongst the most widely used automated testing tool designed to allow Automation Testing of web applications, wide-ranging browsers, and platforms. Seleniuam Automation Testing Tool also supports parallel test execution, saving a lot of time. Selenium does not need too many resources as compared to other testing tools. Automation testing tool is also compatible with many programming languages like Python, Java, PHP, Perl, and JavaSript. If you are a beginner, then going for Advanced Selenium Training might be helping in upgrading your skills.
  4. QAComplete – Test Management Testing Tool:- QAComplete is flexible enough to get compatible with any up-to-date development methodologies like DevOps and Agile. Offering enterprise-level capabilities, QAComplete testing tool can also link automated and manual tests to detect tasks and requirement. It can also schedule automated test runs and allow integration with Jenkins, Selenium and many other tools. QAComplete testing tool can determine test courage and makes sure all tests exist for all requirements.
  5. Webload – Load Testing Tools:- WebLOAD is an excellent load testing tool offering various scripting capabilities to help you in testing complex cases. WebLOAD testing tool can work with hundreds of emerging technologies, from enterprise apps to web protocols, from Selenium to mobile. WebLOAD allows easily and efficiently building load test situations. It helps to identify bottlenecks in the system with the help of report types and graphs.
  6. AgileLoad – Load Testing Tools:- This load testing tool is used to improve the functioning and performance of enterprise critical applications. AgileLoad can help you to easily test the performance of mobile and web-based applications. Agile Methodology Testing Tool also supports creating customized test reports. It also helps you to take the right decisions to enhance the performance of your application quickly.

Software testing is an integral part of any Software Development Cycle. Choosing the right testing tool will allow easy and efficiency testing of all aspects of any software.

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