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What are advantages and disadvantages of PHP & MySQL?

Any framework is a simply perfect solution to code quicker and easier! PHP is undoubtedly one of them! It shortened the paths and turns the coding really well! “Better” is what we search for, don’t we? Any support is supposed to simplify the overhead linked with common activities acted in web development!

However, the PHP framework Training has both advantages and disadvantages:
PHP involves better integral functions:

  • With an outstanding set of innate functions, you can shorten difficult tasks and find quick productivity from PHP coding. You are benefited with different functions; using them you can turn simpler the code in PHP.

The database is an essential point:

What really matters here is the “databases” your development has! As, it is the basic point where all project statistics are saved and known for, whenever there is a necessity. PHP makes use of the MySQL for the database requirements.

Make use of the wire-frame prior to coding:

It is every time a good practice to make use of the wireframing earlier to starting coding. This will provide you an ideal boost for the web development plan. You should make sure each wire-frame association all the elements and are located correctly. You should create a logical flow before you offer it a leave with “Coding”!


  • Poor error management: Many times it is noticed that PHP has a bad error management quality! It is not a possible solution for the developers of the PHP. If you are working as a developer, you need to handle such things.
  • Security: Security is an important concern as PHP is an open source, everyone can observe the source code! If there is any bug set up in the code, then it can be utilized by people to develop the practice of coding
  • Poor Type: PHP type is poor as it results in the unforeseen bugs as well as awry programs!

MySQL – Advantages and Disadvantages
Even though MySQL still remains one of the highly popular relational database management approaches in the world, it’s presently been losing followers.


It’s Simple To Use

MySQL is extremely simple to install, and thanks to a pack of third-party tools that can be added to the database, create an execution is a comparatively easy task. Additionally, it’s also an effortless database to associate with.

Quick Support Is Always Available whenever required
Though Oracle’s history of assisting its customers can be spotted at best, the life of MySQL – which find its beginning as an open-source platform – implies that there’s a large as well as the thriving society of developers as well as enthusiasts to which one can revolve for help.

It’s Open-Source as well as inexpensive
The best thing about MySQL is that its open source as well as affordable for everyone.

It’s Find Some Stability Problems

MySQL supposed to be comparatively less trustworthy as compared to its peers. These stability concerns are linked to the manner in which it manages specific actions which include transactions, references, and even auditing.

It Having Comparatively Poor Performance Scaling
Though MySQL is prepared to manage a virtually infinite volume of data, it has a disturbing trend to come grinding to a stop if it’s forced to contract with several operations at a specified time.

Developers May Discover Limitations To Be Quite Annoying
There is no surprise, MySQL isn’t planned to do everything. The record isn’t completely SQL- obedient and requires being imperfect in areas which include data warehousing, burden tolerance, as well as performance analytics among others. Developers may discover this virtual dearth of functionality annoying, chiefly if they’re utilized to a more full-featured choice.

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