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What are HR Psychometric Tests and How it Helps Employers in Recruiting Suitable Candidates?

If you ever have been to an interview, then it is possible that you would have come across a certain set of questions which tests your aptitude skills, personality skills, and reasoning skills. These are known as HR Psychometric Tests which are often utilized by the employer during the recruitment process in order to assess the skills and intelligence level along with a personality of the candidate and determine whether he or she will be a suitable candidate for the job profile available in the company. The questions included in the test are structured in such a manner that it accurately assess the capability of the candidate to work with others and cope with stress during the job. These HR Psychometric Tests can be taken other on paper or online. With the help of these tests, the employer will be able to measure a range of skills of the candidates including verbal, numerical, personality skills and logical reasoning in order to identify an overall Intelligence and ability of the candidate.

What are the Various Benefits of utilizing HR Psychometric Tests during the Recruitment Process?

There are numerous advantages associated with using the Psychometric Test in a traditional interview as the result generated by it can offer an accurate summary of the skills and ability of the potential employee. Due to the scientific nature and format of the tests, it is quite difficult to fake or dupes the tests, which can be easy in the traditional form of recruiting. Apart from that, due to the same structure of the test, every candidate goes through the same hiring process which offers consistency and enables the candidate to treat clearly during the examination of their skills and abilities. Furthermore, in HR Psychometric Tests, no right or wrong answer for any question as it depends on the personality and potential of the candidate to give answers and reveal their hidden traits. It will also allow the recruiter to find out if the candidate is overqualified or under qualified for the profile or if they have any potential for progression. It is considered one of the best, timely and cost-efficient method of recruitment which offers a clear and precise understanding of each candidate differently.

What are the different types of HR Psychometric Tests used in the Recruitment Process?

There are different HR Psychometric Tests which any business organization can use as per the requirement of the job profile. These are as follows:

  1. Personality Test: The Personality Test is utilized to measure the personality of the candidate such as his or her behavioral style, Personality Traits, Attitude, etc which are extremely important in some of the crucial job profiles in business organizations for purposes such as decision making, maintaining a relationship, handling stress at workplace, etc. This kind of HR Psychometric Test is utilized for hiring HR personnel, Managers, Leaders and anyone who can influence the working of employees in the company.
  2. Numerical Reasoning Test: Another type of HR Psychometric is Numerical Reasoning Test which helps the employed to identify the mathematical ability and analytical skills of the candidate. It includes questions regarding graphical and table interpretation, ratio analysis, financial report analysis, percentage problems, logical issues, etc. Such tests can be used for hiring a technical professional such as an accountant, Business Analyst, Data Analyst, and anyone who have to work with numbers and figures.
  3. Verbal Reasoning Test: As per the name suggests, this kind of test is used for determining the written and verbal skills of the candidate and measure their ability to properly understand and convey work-related information quickly. It usually consists of English language related questions with different difficulty level as per the requirement of the job profile. This kind of HR Psychometric Tests are used for hiring for job profiles such as manager, sales executive and anyone which requires dealing with people on regular basis with efficiency and professionalism. It also helps in identifying the ability of the candidate to identify critical issues and offer necessary solutions.
  4. Abstract Reasoning Tests: This kind of test is designed to assess the conceptual reasoning skills of the candidate which refers to lateral thinking and fluid intelligence. It allows employees to measure the skills of the candidate to quickly grasp new information, identify data patterns, integrate Complex data and implement solutions to work-related issues. It usually consists of questions that ask the candidate what would be the next step in a particular project. It is also used for hiring the role of a manager in HR, Recruitment Professional, Training Executive, OH&S, etc.

All of these HR Psychometric Tests are designed in different difficulty level as per the level of expertise required in the job profile and are specifically utilized by the HR department and recruitment department of any business organization. If you are looking to pursue a career as an HR, then you should be aware of how to develop these HR Psychometric Test fluently and effectively. If you want to learn that, you should consider attending the Best HR Psychometric Tests Training in Delhi & Noida where you will learn all the concepts of HR requirements in great detail. SLA Consultants India is a well recognized and professional Training Institute who have been providing the Best HR Classes in Delhi NCR for the last 10 years successfully. They will offer you all the information and skills required to Become a Professional Human Resource which also includes developing customized HR Psychometric Tests.

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