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Top 10 Popular Analytics Tool for Better Career

Data Analytics is the requirement for today’s business industry and any business organization that does not utilize Data Analytics Tools and techniques are falling behind. Data Analysis is considered as a technique for identifying, collecting, storing, and evaluating data which can be used for predicting sales and revenue of the company and make better decisions. There are numerous Data Analytics tools which help companies to perform Data Analysis efficiently and better manage their business. Data Analysis is also a very demanding job profile in the market as more and more companies are beginning to understand the importance of Data Analytics tools, for that, professionals are acquired to properly utilize them and perform Data Analysis accurately on business data. If you are looking to pursue a Career in Data Analytics then you should understand that you will be required to learn some of the Best Data Analytics Tools and Techniques. In this article, we are going to talk about top 10 Data Analytics Tools which can help you pursue a Better Career in Data Analytics and make you a professional Data Analyst.

  1. R-Programming: R is considered as the leading analytical tool in the industry which is widely utilized for Data Modeling and Statistical Analysis. It can be used on numerous platforms like Windows, UNIX and Mac OS. It is also utilized in the graphical representation and reporting and any business organization utilizing R programming you can efficiently perform Data Analysis on Big Data and identify their business pattern to take better decisions. If you want to pursue a career in Data Analytics then learning R programming Training should be on top priority.
  2. Tableau: Tableau software is a fast analytical tool used for Business Intelligence and allows the user to analyze virtually any type of structured and unstructured information and develop highly interactive and beautiful graphical representation of the information in minutes. It is highly utilized for data visualization, publishing data sources and Rapid transformation of information into dashboards making information look amazing and interactive. Tableau is another Data Analytics tool which should be in your priority list for a better career in Data Analytics-Tableau Training Course.
  3. Python: Probably one of the most popular and highly significant object-oriented scripting language which is utilized for Data Analytics. Python can be the most obvious choice for students willing to enter into the Data Analytics as it is easy to learn and has a similar concept of JavaScript, PHP, and Ruby. If you are familiar with any of these programming languages then you can efficiently learn and utilize Python for Data Analytics purposes. It can be used for Statistical Analysis and offers a comprehensive coverage of the mathematical and statistical functions. Today more and more business organizations are using Python for Data Analysis purposes and it is also the first source of many Data Scientists.
  4. SAS: SAS stands for Statistical Analysis System which is an integrated software suite for performing Advanced Analytics, Data Management, Business Intelligence, and Predictive Analytics. It can be utilized for both graphical interface and SAS programming language. Today, SAS programming language is used by numerous multinational organizations including Google, Twitter, Facebook, Netflix, Accenture, Genpact, etc. It is very flexible and powerful statistical analysis tool which works on Windows and Unix. It can easily be integrated with other Database tools such as Oracle, MS Excel, and DB2. Therefore, if you are good with figures and numbers and wants to Become a Professional Data Analyst then you can consider learning with SAS Programming Language Training.
  5. Apache Spark: Apache Spark is considered as a fast and large-scale Data Processing tool which also concentrates on analytics especially on unstructured information and big data. It is a very popular Data Analytics tool for the last couple of years due to various reasons including is integration with the Hadoop ecosystem. It utilizes micro batching for real-time streaming and works with numerous systems to distribute information Atos cluster and process information in parallel. It can be considered as one of the top priorities for aspiring Data analysts to learn.
  6. MS Excel: Probably one of the oldest and finest Data Analytics tools is Microsoft Excel, which is utilized by millions of organizations all over the world for Data Processing, Data Management, and Data Analysis. Even if you have knowledge of Tableau, R-programming and SAS, you will still require to learn and utilize MS Excel. With the help of Microsoft Excel, you will be able to develop pivot charts and tables of the information, sort and filter data as per the requirement and perform Advanced Data Analytics and Business Analytics using numerous advanced functions including lookup and reference option, statistical and logical function, etc. And hence, if you are new in the field of Data Analytics, then learning Advanced MS Excel Training should be the first thing in your mind, after which you can pursue and learn other Data Analytics tool.
  7. Pig and Hive: Pig and Hive are important elements and integral tools of Hadoop ecosystem which is an important tool for performing Big Data Analysis. It consists of various features which can help in reducing the complexity of Map-Reduce queries. Any organization utilizing and working with Big Data needs to utilize Hadoop platform and its element including pig and hive. Apart from that, it is also a fact that if you are entering into the data in Data Analytics field Then there would be a time when you would have to work on Big data for which you will have to be efficient and expert in Hadoop elements.
  8. Splunk: Splunk is another popular Data Analytics tool which helps in searching machine-generated information and pulls all text-based log data and offers the simplest way to search. It can also full any kind of information and perform all sorts of interesting statistical analysis and deliver it in different formats. It may not be the top priority for aspiring Data Analysts, however, acquiring skills in Splunk Data Analytics can prove to be highly beneficial in the future career.
  9. QlikView: QlikView consists of numerous features including patented technology and in-memory data processing which can help in fast Data Analysis and Data Processing along the user to store information and develop reports easily. It automatically maintains Data Association and Data Relationship can also be visualized using colors. It is an important Data Analytics tools which is used by numerous business organizations including TCS, Accenture, Cisco, Citibank, etc.
  10. Knime: Knime is a leading reporting and integrated Data Analytic tool which is open source and helps the user to analyze and model information using Visual programming. You can easily integrate with numerous components of machine learning and data mining through modular data pipelining concept. It is ranked one of the top Data Analytics tools which can be used for manipulating, analyzing and modeling data. The tool also supports any kind of programming languages and can easily be extended to run chemistry information with Python, R-programming, etc.

These are the top Data Analytics tools which any aspiring Data Analyst or Data Scientist needs to be aware of. Having expertise in any of these tools can prove to be beneficial for your career as it can help you kick start in your career. Therefore, it is highly necessary for you to attend top Data Analytics Training in Delhi NCR so that you can become expert in these tools within a short span of time. There are numerous Data Analytics Training Institute in Delhi NCR which you can join, however, SLA Consultants India can be your best choice as they have been providing Data Analytics Training to the students for the last 10 years with over 85% success rate. They deliver R-programming Training Course, Advanced Excel & MIS Training, Big Data Hadoop Training, Python Training, SAS training, and much more using real-time and highly updated course curriculum which is specifically designed by the industry expert to fulfill the requirements of the business industry. They have the best and certified trainers with over 10 to 15 years of experience in the Data Analytics field who conduct practical training using live projects and assignments to provide hands-on experience to the candidate and make them a professional Data Analyst within weeks. They also provide valid Certification in Data Analytics tools followed by 100% Job Placement Support so that the students and candidate can easily pursue a successful Career in Data Analytics.


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